The Athena Network Singapore

Established in Singapore in 2012, The Athena Network Singapore is part of a global network, originally developed in the UK, that is open to female executives and entrepreneurs across numerous sectors. The network supports women in building their networks internationally and joining an online community where information on business skills and contacts is available. Networking and business training are offered for women entrepreneurs who run small businesses, as well as professional women (mainly self-employed). The Athena Network has 2,000 community members and 200 paid members. The annual membership cost is SGD 500 (US$375). At least four events each month focus on developing business and networking skills. Events include Athena Cappuccino Connections, monthly professional meetings through which speakers share stories of their experiences and informal networking occurs. The Athena Executive Club is open to women of all professional backgrounds and offers structured lunch meetings. The Athena Network is connected to the Executive Lifestyle Directory, a “business and lifestyle directory” targeted towards career-driven business women. The network is an opportunity for women executives and entrepreneurs to market their products, network, and share ideas with others.